Work Injuries

When a workplace injury occurs, both the employee and the employer have the same goal…for the staff member to return to work and all ordinary activities as soon as possible.  Each wants a return to normalcy.  At RMT Ottawa we also support this theory.  

Work Injuries

We are able to augment medical treatments with therapeutic massage.  When the individual returns to work, even limited activity, our mobile massage therapy service can come to your place of business to provide the necessary therapy to help restore health.


Physical and mental exhaustion from overwork is a recipe for injury.  The results can be

  • Slower reflexes which can be serious if the employee is working with machinery or driving a vehicle.
  • Impaired judgment that can affect decision making.
  • Delayed response should an emergency occur.
  • Inattention to details which may result in an accident.


Everyone has stress in their lives.  Some of them are business related like job security or an overbearing supervisor.  Some are personal like relationships or family issues.  If a staff member is too concerned with external matters, it is all to easy to make a mistake that could result in a serious injury to himself or others.  Stress also can lead to an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

Slips and Trips

Kitchen areas and break rooms can pose a danger of losing foothold and causing slips and falls.  Likewise high traffic areas like aisleways and corridors or poorly lit areas can mean the possibility of tripping over unseen dangers.  If someone at your company has suffered a similar accident, consider using massage therapy to help speed up their recovery and return the individual to being a productive member of your enterprise.

Repetitive Motion

Assembly lines and computer workers are particularly prone to carpal tunnel syndrome.  The effective use of therapeutic massage can alleviate some of the stress and pressure on the median nerve and help restore feeling in fingers, wrists, and hands.  It has also been shown to help relieve the discomfort associated with this condition.


Improper techniques can cause back injuries when an employee attempts to lift something, especially if it is too heavy.  Massage therapy can help resolve some of the spasms that occur from this type of injury.  We are also able to offer suggestions about prevention of future injuries.


This is not the type involving automobiles.  This is when two employees bump into each other.  Or a situation where someone misjudges a distance and goes flat into a door.  Another incident could be a drawer left half open and causes someone to seriously damage a shin.  Improperly placed ladders or other tools can mean a bonk on the head.  Most of these are conditions that can be helped with the use of massage therapy.

If you own or run a business and are interested in hearing how onsite therapy can help lower insurance rates, increase productivity, or help with workers’ compensation cases, just contact our office.  We will be happy to discuss the options available.

Plan a Visit

We have made it easy to book an appointment.  With our service, you can schedule your mobile massage therapy session.  Our rates are competitive and we accept most forms of payment.  We are happy to accept private insurance clients and will be happy to help with the paperwork.