Postural Assessment & Training

Posture is how the body is held through the alignment of bones and muscles.  It is more than sitting, moving, and standing straight.  It is related to your appearance and health.  There are two types of posture:  dynamic and static.  Dynamic refers to movement and static is for passive times like sitting and sleeping.

Postural Assessment & Training

At RMT Ottawa, our massage therapists are trained to help people achieve the best posture possible.  Through therapeutic manipulations we are able to relax and align muscles and create good circulation so that the body can translate this into a good position at all times.

Good posture is the correct position of the spine and that includes three natural curves at the neck, mid back and lower back.  If this alignment is out of sync, you can feel imbalanced and uncomfortable.  Daily activities like sitting or sleeping, as well as sports or other physical activities are all impacted by our posture. Posture also helps increase self confidence.  Improper posture will place undue strain on muscles, joints, and connective tissue and can result in discomfort, pain, or contribute toward injuries.

The RMT Ottawa massage therapists are able to help you improve your posture:

  • Postural Training – They can offer exercises that will improve range of motion.  A happy side effect is released tension.
  • Fascial Release – Soft tissues can become stiff and tense.  Releasing this pattern can allow for freer movement.
  • Breathing Exercises – Proper breathing has been known to release stress.  This in turn can ease tightness in shoulders, chest, and neck.  In addition to general well being it can help with headaches or other sources of discomfort.

Massage therapy helps:

  • Relax Muscles – Mild pressure, long strokes, and manipulation will release knots formed in the muscles.  This release will allow your back to comfortably straighten.  Deeper massages will offer even more release to severely taut muscles.
  • Pain Reduction – If posture is slouched, it usually results in muscles feeling more tired and uncomfortable.  By massaging the tissues into relaxation, they do not feel overworked and will be less sore.  The massage also helps force toxins out of the tissues and into the bloodstream for natural disposal.  The reduction in lactic acids, will generally result in less pain.
  • Breathing – The ability to take deep and cleansing breaths is important.  Inadequate posture means the diaphragm and lungs do not have sufficient space to expand and contract naturally, which will impede the amount of air taken in.  With a massage, the muscles will relax and reduce the obstructions.

RMT Ottawa massage therapists are able to provide the therapeutic massage necessary to avoid slouching and slumping.  Through their efforts the musculoskeletal system can become properly aligned.  Joints will move freer to allow for more activities.  Food is better digested allowing the proper nutrients to fuel your body.

All of these are benefits of good posture that the RMT Ottawa mobile massage therapist can bring to you.  Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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