Myofascial Release

Myofascial is a word you do not hear much.  It refers to tissues that surround and support the body’s muscles.  Sometimes these tissues become quite painful in fact there is a chronic condition called myofascial pain syndrome that is caused from those tissues becoming overly tight.

Myofascial Release

RMT Ottawa massage therapists help to treat this disorder.  They focus on releasing the tension by targeting specific “trigger points”.  As you can imagine, finding just the right trigger point can be a challenge.  Therefore, most therapists will perform myofascial release over a broad area of tissue.  Myofascial release is also practiced by some chiropractors and traditional medical practitioners.

The massage therapist will start by gently stroking myofascia.  If the area feels pliable and elastic, this is good.  If that light pressure locates an area that is tight or rigid, that is a problem area.  The therapist will work on that area to release the tightness and then move on to another area.  Strange as it may seem, the area the therapist manipulates may not be near the place the client feels pain.  It is a process of treating a broad spectrum of muscle groups that will release the trigger points and ease the discomfort.

People with chronic conditions seem to be the ones who benefit the most from myofascial release treatment.  Working on neck muscles reduces headaches.  Those who suffer with blood pooling in the lower extremities, like legs, can also benefit in an easing of the pain or discomfort.

Like any treatment, this process may not be for everyone.  In fact it is not recommended for those who have:

  • Burns, injuries or wounds
  • Weakened or broken bones
  • Deep vein issues including thrombosis

It also is not recommended for those who take any medication designed to thin the blood.  Potential side effects include internal bleeding, difficulty moving muscles or temporary paralysis, or nerve damage, but these are all rare occurrences.

Over the years studies are conducted on the effect of massage therapy.  However, there are only a few that specifically deal with myofascial release and its results.  While many doctors are happy to recommend traditional massage therapy, they may be unfamiliar with myofascial and, therefore, overlook it in the treatment process.

If this seems like something that might benefit an injury or condition you have, you may want to discuss the possibilities with your referring physician.  At RMT Ottawa, we are always happy to consult with physicians of all disciplines.  We are happy to discuss the role of massage therapy in the treatment program and the various forms of therapy available.  Our specialists are also willing to provide educational materials.  It is our policy to discuss all of the side effects or potential dangers with both the client and the physician.

If you or your physician have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to discuss the benefits of myofascial release, other massage therapies, or our mobile massage therapy practice.

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