Postpartum Massage therapy

The weeks and months just following a birth take a toll on new moms.  There are sleepless nights and cuddling.  Sometimes it is exciting and sometimes downright difficult.  It is important to recognize that the new mother needs attention. 

Postpartum Massage Therapy

There are some significant benefits to scheduling an in-home therapeutic massage therapist from RMT Ottawa.

Back Aches – Backaches and sciatic nerve discomfort don’t necessary disappear immediately.  Another area that deserves a lot of attention is the shoulders that can become very tired from all the breastfeeding necessary.

Swelling – During pregnancy body fluids increase dramatically and the swelling may not decrease.  Massage therapy will help promote good circulation and allow those lymphatic fluids to drain from the system.

Breastfeeding – Careful, non-invasive chest massage has been shown to help with circulation in and around the breast.  This usually reduces some of the pain or discomfort associated with breastfeeding and can actually increase milk production.  Many women feel it helps prevent mastitis, the bacterial infection from a blocked milk duct.

Depression – Sometimes trivialized as “baby blues,” postpartum depression can be quite severe.  Even a mild case can cause undue anxiety, sadness, and lack of energy.  Treating yourself to a massage will help the woman feel better about herself and create a sense of relaxation and better emotional control.  Many women also feel more energetic.

Recuperation – The body has experienced a great deal of stress during childbirth.  Post natal massages help the muscles return to a more normal state by having them warmed and stretched.

Skin – With restored circulation, all of your skin will glow.  Our mobile massage therapists can also incorporate a face and scalp massage to enhance your skin tones and help relieve tension.

Sleep – Massage will relax you and increase the amount of serotonin and reduce hormones released due to stress.  It will make the sleep you do get more restful.

As soon as you feel comfortable having a maternal massage, contact our office.  If there were any complications with the delivery, we always suggest consulting your physician first.  Our therapist will work with you to determine the best and most comfortable positions to receive the massage.

As part of the holistic treatment, you may want to consider adding aromatherapy to the mix.  Just choose your favorite and have it started so that when our representative arrives, your room is ready for relaxation.  You may also inquire about scented oils or lotions we may have available.

Because we offer mobile, in-home therapies, you won’t even need to leave your home or the new arrival.  If you are or were a pre-natal customer, we will be able to adjust your records to start scheduling the postpartum massages.  Please speak with one of our customer service representatives about scheduling and availability.  Our holistic approach to massage therapy will help you with all of the transitions associated with giving birth and adjusting to a new way of life.  We are happy to help you.


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We have made it easy to book an appointment.  With our service, you can schedule your mobile massage therapy session.  Our rates are competitive and we accept most forms of payment.  We are happy to accept private insurance clients and will be happy to help with the paperwork.