Swedish Massage

When someone thinks of massage, Swedish massage is probably what comes to mind.  It is what you see in the ads for spas, gyms, and clinics.  It concentrates on physiology.

Swedish Massage

It starts with the RMT Ottawa massage therapist applying lotion or oil on his or her hands and then applying long, general strokes across the area.  Then he or she will move to other parts of the body that you have identified as problem areas.  The therapist usually alternates softer strokes and deeper strokes depending on the type of muscle group being worked and to facilitate the client’s relaxation.

These strokes come in different types and each has a name:

  • Friction – This is small, circular movements using the thumb, fingertips, or knuckles and usually concentrate on a specific area.
  • Tapotement – This is a percussive movement usually with the outer edge of the hand.  This tapping can help loosen up muscles or help with chest congestion.
  • Vibration – This technique is an up and down movement that feels like shaking.  The therapist uses hands and fingers to stimulate soft tissues.
  • Petrissage – Using the padded part of the hand, fingers and thumbs, this is a kneading action incorporated with picking up and squeezing tissues.
  • Effleurage – Typically used at the beginning and end of a massage, this is the palm of the hand making circular motions.

A Swedish massage will be schedule for a session of an hour to 90 minutes.  Generally it is recommended that you let two or three days lapse between massage treatments.  For the first month a twice-weekly regimen is appropriate.  As symptoms subside, there can be longer gaps.  Chronic conditions may require a more frequent or regular schedule.  Discuss your options with the in-home massage therapist from RMT Ottawa.

When you are planning your schedule, you need to remember all the benefits that go along with a good Swedish massage.

  • Full body muscle relaxation
  • Increased oxygen
  • Decreased toxins
  • Better blood circulation
  • Stress relief
  • Injury recovery

There are a lot of reasons people opt for a Swedish massage.  For the healthy individual it can help deal with stress and help form healthy habits of posture and repetitive motion situations.  Athletes often turn to massages to reduce the change of injury and to enhance performance.  For the weekend athlete, it is suggested to prepare for a strenuous event like a marathon race and certainly following an arduous workout.

Swedish massage is one of the methods the mobile massage therapists from RMT Ottawa can use to help you.  We focus on the whole client and concentrate on problem areas.  We have a cadre of specialists who can help with pain management, recovery from surgery or injury, or just helping deal with the issues of daily life.  Feel free to contact us to discuss the options available and to schedule a consultation or appointment.

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