Headaches and migraines

Headaches can range from annoying to quite painful.  Migraines are simply debilitating.  Finding relief can be challenging.  There are medications available but oftentimes individuals would like to steer clear of more drugs in their system.  For many massage therapy has proven to provide relief.

Headaches and Migranes

First you need to understand what a migraine is.  It is basically a condition where the brain has difficult dealing with some type of sensory experience.  It can be triggered by allergies, visual stimulation, or physical changes like insufficient sleep or hunger. 

Next, it is important to know the stages of a migraine.  There are four phases:

  • Pre-headache – Some of the warnings can include difficulty concentrating, unwarranted sleepiness, neck pain, or even food cravings.  These can appear as much as a day or two ahead.
  • Aura – This is what patients describe:  A visual disruption usually sparkling or strange lines.  Other people have tinnitus or vertigo.
  • Headache – This is the point where most people are at their worst.  The head pain is severe.  It can be accompanied by nausea and exhaustion.  Most people try to lie down and relax in a darkened, cool room.
  • Recovery – After the pain has subsided many feel tired or even confused.

Physicians will sometimes suggest non-prescription techniques for control.  These include a healthy lifestyle that incorporates good nutrition and reasonable exercise.  Relaxation practices are encouraged, along with a general admonition towards self care.

While there is no definitive scientific information about the effectiveness of massage therapy for those experiencing migraines, there have been some interesting reports.

  • A study was conducted where there were two groups of people who suffer from migraines.  One group received no massages.  The other received two traditional massages, each of which lasted half an hour, over five weeks.  The group that received the massages said they had fewer migraines.  Also, their heart rates were lower at the end of each session.
  • This was another round with two groups.  One received no massage and the other 12 sessions over six weeks.  These massages were myofascial trigger-point oriented.  The group receiving the massages reported lower frequencies and a higher threshold of pain tolerance.

As in so many things, finding the correct massage therapist can be essential.  At RMT Ottawa, we have a cadre of skilled massage therapists.  Our in-home or mobile service is particularly valuable to those with chronic headaches.  Finding the right person with the perfect touch for your needs is one of our specialties.  If one style is not right for you, we are happy to help find the therapist with the technique that will help you respond most favorably.  We have a scheduling system that can accommodate your lifestyle and personal needs. 

Just contact us and discuss your headaches, along with any other issues you may have.  One of our representatives will be happy to consult with you to afford you the opportunity to see if massage therapy can be of benefit in reducing the severity of your headaches and migraines.

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