Respiratory Problems

Polluted atmosphere of urban settings, poor lifestyle choices, and medical conditions all contribute to respiratory problems. At RMT Ottawa, our mobile massage therapy practitioners all understand the difficulties many people have simply trying to breathe.

Respiratory Problems

Every winter otherwise healthy people contract bronchitis or pneumonia or suffer from chronic conditions like asthma, emphysema or cystic fibrosis.  Year round individuals have allergic responses that affect the lungs and nose and make it difficult to breathe normally.

Most people view therapeutic massage as a method to relax or to reduce the discomfort from overexertion.  But in reality, it can also help to strengthen the body’s overall systems, including respiratory.

Think about the natural breathing process with inhaling and exhaling in long smooth strokes.  Now consider how it feels to take shallow and short breaths.  You probably don’t even realize how the muscles in the chest and back are tightening.  This compounds the problem the lungs are facing.

Massage therapy also aids in improving posture.  This means the entire rib cage area will expand for optimum lung function.  As the massage takes effect and the body relaxes, the nervous system is also more relaxed slowing the breathing process to a deep and regular pace.

The RMT Ottawa mobile massage therapists frequently use a system found in Swedish massage where they use a rhythmic light beating on the back.  This loosens mucus to increase the lungs’ capacity.  It will often also clear the airways for a free flow of oxygen.

Improved breathing has other benefits.  As your lung function becomes automatic, you are more relaxed and less concerned about each gasp.  This will allow your mind to also relax, reducing stress.  Overall you will probably feel more energetic and inclined to pursue enjoyable activities.

  • Loosened congestion – This means the lungs will operate more freely and allowing activities of daily living to be performed comfortably.
  • Less coughing – Coughing can be tiring and somewhat embarrassing if it is persistent.  It may also annoy others around you in restaurants or theaters. 
  • Immune system – As all the body parts are functioning to capacity, the body is able to combat any other infections or conditions.
  • Circulation – The percussive treatment on the back muscles that releases the congestion also relaxes those muscles and improves circulation in that area.
  • Less tension – If you are breathing normally there is probably less tension in daily functions.
  • Improved posture – Standing and sitting erect will help you look better and feel better.
  • Better sleep – Because you can get a full night of uninterrupted sleep, you will awaken refreshed and better able to tackle the day.
  • Less pain – With chest congestion often comes headaches or other body aches.  The relaxing effect of massage will help with all of that tension and discomfort.

The next time you suffer from a respiratory condition, contact us at RMT Ottawa.  We can assign a skilled mobile massage therapist to help you combat the condition and return to optimum health.  We are happy to set up a consultation.  Just let us know.

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