Circulatory Problems

If you have ever had someone massage your aching shoulders, you understand how great you feel as a result.  You probably were relaxed and less sore.

Circulatory Problems

One of the reasons is that the act of massaging muscles increases the circulation to those particular muscles.  It removes the build up of waste material or toxins and replaces it with oxygen and nutrients.  It is similar to those times when after sitting too long, feet feel cold.

The stimulation of therapeutic massage acts on the nerve receptors.  The blood vessels get larger (dilate) and allows for a better flow of fluids.  Those fluids include blood, of course, but also lymph fluids.  The lymphatic system is designed to remove impurities from the system.  While blood has the heart to pump, the lymph system relies on muscle contractions to make it work well.  So people with a more sedentary lifestyle or those who are forced into inactivity by a medical condition can certainly benefit from therapeutic massage.

Buttocks and Backs of Legs

People whose job requires them to sit for long periods of time are particularly prone to an accumulation of proteins and fats in the lower portions of the body.  Unless the person replaces that inactivity with strenuous exercise, that accumulation of waste will turn into cellulite.  Another viable option is regular massage.  Appropriate therapeutic massage by a registered therapist like those at RMT Ottawa, will stimulate the circulatory system and provide relief.  In fact, for those who are homebound, we offer a mobile massage therapy option.

Arms and Hands

At the end of the work day many people find themselves clenching their hands into fists.  They can also suffer from headaches, neck discomfort, and back pain.  Therapeutic massage has proven helpful to reduce the stress that builds up in the arms and hands.  For those who sit at a keyboard for hours, it is showing relief from the repetitive motion.  It can also help for those people who grasp their cell phone for hours or find they are sending multiple texts.  Even if the communication is pleasant, it takes a toll on hands and arms. 

Another factor to consider is maintaining good circulation throughout the body, including the extremities, which are so often overlooked.  Strong blood vessels can supply all areas of the body with the oxygenated blood necessary for a healthy life and stimulating the lymph system to carry off the waste products that can slow us down.


After surgical procedures, ask your physician about the benefits of a therapeutic massage.  This may be important, not only to restore the traumatized tissues into a return to full function but to stimulate the circulatory system to bring healing nutrients to all areas.  This can expedite the healing process and will also relax the patient into a positive state of mind to facilitate recuperation.

If you are considering any therapeutic massage, don’t hesitate to contact us at RMT Ottawa to schedule a consultation.  We are happy to introduce you to our mobile massage therapy option and to answer any questions you may have.

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