Self-Care Therapy

The goal of the RMT Ottawa mobile massage therapist is to give relief to our clients.  As part of that process, we are also happy to help educate our customers on steps they can take to initiate a program of caring for themselves between our regularly scheduled appointments.

Self-Care Therapy

Make a Plan – First you will need to decide on a routine that works for you in your current circumstances.  Realize that you may need to make adjustments if your daily routine does not accommodate this self care, or if situations change.  Start with setting goals.  Are you trying to reduce overall stress, or just tension in a specific body part?  Determine how much time you reasonably can allocate to this goal.  Even if it is only five minutes twice a day, think of how much you will benefit. 

Make it Easy – Keep your lotion or oil close at hand as a reminder.  Extend your water break by a few minutes to use stretching routines appropriate for the office.  Set a reminder on your phone or have a schedule pop up as you log onto Netflix.

Techniques – There are several forms of self massage that will work.  Don’t undertake anything that hurts or seems at all dangerous.  Discuss the options with your massage therapist before you embark on any program and ask as many questions as necessary.  Take notes so you don’t forget important features.

  • Self Massage – Start with larger or broader strokes to stimulate an area that is tense or painful.  Then move to smaller, more specific strokes that go just a bit deeper to relax the area.  Finish with those first broad strokes.
  • Trapezius – The trapezius muscle group is that large expanse that runs along the back from the spine and toward the shoulder.  Use the right hand to reach over the shoulder to the left trapezius muscle, just on the side of your neck.  Take a deep breath in; as you exhale, gently squeeze the muscle to a count of ten.  Do this about three times on each side and see if it helps.
  • Achy Feet – When you get home a night and slip off your shoes, grab for the tennis ball that you should keep beside your favorite chair.  Push the tennis ball around on the floor with the bottom of your foot using gentle pressure.  See if that doesn’t help relax those tired tootsies. 

As always, don’t do anything that hurts.  Slight discomfort is to be expected, but that is about all.  Ask your massage therapist for suggestions.

Ergonomics – Sitting all day can be tough.  It is best if you can keep your back straight but relaxed and for your wrists to be straight and at or below elbow level.  Standing means buying and wearing the best shoes you can afford.  Driving for long periods or over long distances can become tense.  See if moving your grip on the steering wheel from the 10 and 2 positions to the 7 and 4 positions helps.  Taking a moment to take a deep breath can also help relax your back and shoulders.

As you can tell, there are a number of things the individual can do to help during an ordinary day.  Discuss your options with the RMT Ottawa massage therapist during your next in-home session to see what plans you can develop.

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Mobile Self-Care Therapy Pricing

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