Deep Tissue Massage

There are some people who need a more intense massage than what a Swedish massage offers.  These are individuals who require a therapeutic treatment to work out those knots and chronically tight spots.  They require a deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

The RMT Ottawa mobile massage therapists understand that this is designed to help problems seeded in the deeper layer of muscle, tendons and fascia.  Fascia is that protective layer around muscles, joints, and bones.  Deep tissue massage is reserved for treating chronic tight muscles, repetitive strain injuries, breaking up scar tissue, and other problems. 

Its purpose is to release the muscle fibers to allow the tension to, in turn, release and at the same time allow any accumulated metabolic waste to dissipate.

This process is slow and methodical.  It involves applying friction across the muscle.  It usually takes longer to get these muscles to relax.  When that relaxation occurs, the therapist is able to work into the lower layers of connective tissue.  You will find that it involves sustained pressure and slow, deep strokes.  Expect that this massage will last between 75 and 90 minutes to get the best results.

Besides the release of those very tight muscle groups, there are other benefits of a deep tissue massage.

  • Better workouts – Without the constriction of stressed muscles, the individual will experience a greater range of motion.  The muscles will work better and more efficiently to build stronger muscle tissues and to burn unnecessary calories.
  • Relaxation – The act of massage will trigger the release of endorphins, the neurotransmitters that signal elation.
  • Better sleep – Since your muscles won’t hurt as much, you will probably enjoy a better night’s rest.
  • Less pain – With those tight knots released, there will be less discomfort in everyday activities as well as longer workouts.  It has also been shown to help with chronic joint pain.  Healing occurs quicker since the blood has better flow into all the muscle and connective tissues.
  • Better general health – With lower blood pressure and greater pulmonary functions, most people generally feel better most of the time.

Other tips for better muscle health and to prepare for deep tissue massage:

  • Hydration – Drinking the right amount of water every day is a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It also helps hydrate muscles before and after a massage session.
  • Moderation – Be sure to allow the muscles to rebound from a deep tissue massage before you plunge back into a strenuous workout.  Give it at least half a day.

If you are prone to muscle knots and undue tension, contact us at RMT Ottawa so that we can schedule a session with one of our mobile massage therapists.  A consultation will allow us to decide on the best course of treatment and whether a deep tissue massage session will be beneficial.  We will work with your referring physician to be sure you get the best treatment possible.

Deep Tissue Massage Pricing

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Mobile Deep Tissue Massage Pricing

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