Massage Therapy for children

Frequently our RMT Ottawa customer service personnel are asked about whether massage would be of benefit to children.  In general, massage is a benefit for anyone of any age from infant, child, tween, adolescent, adult, or senior.  Because of its benefits to decrease tension and promote relaxation, it is often recommended.

Massage Therapy for children

There are some circumstances when it is not appropriate, but those can be discussed between the patient and our office.

Children today have more stressors than some adults realize.  They are in competition for grades and on the sports field.  They are subject to peer pressures.  With our increasing reliance on electronics, it takes its toll on necks, shoulders and hands.

Studies are showing that massage therapy can help reduce stress and its accompanying hormone imbalance.  With less anxiety, fewer emotional issues, and reduced pain or discomfort, sleep patterns return to more normal habits.


Children who are actively involved in sports, or just general playing every day, often have injuries like sprains and strains.  Massage therapy is a good medical supplement to bring your child back to full force.  It can also help maintain good function in muscles and joints to help prevent injuries.


There are many children who have disabilities through genetic issues or as a result of a catastrophic occurrence.  Reports are frequently filed that are showing the benefits of massage therapy for:

  • Autism – Some children who can tolerate being touched have shown increased relaxation.  Sensitivity to touch decreases over time.  Behavioral issues are more controllable and sleep patterns are more regular.
  • ADD and ADHD – Because massage therapy provides a degree of relaxation, hyperactivity seems to decrease with regular therapy sessions.  Children are better able to concentrate and sometimes medications can be adjusted.
  • Psychological issues – With improved sleep, children are able to benefit better from psychiatric or psychology sessions to relieve depression and anxiety.
  • Cerebral Palsy – Massage is showing to increase muscle extension.
  • Testing – Preschool aged children show improved scores on both intellectual and manual skills tests.  Because they are more rested from naps, behavior is improved.
  • Scoliosis – If detected early, massage can help correct this spinal deformity.

We always suggest consulting with your medical providers before embarking on a therapy regimen.  We will be unable to provide service if the child has a fever, infection, swelling, open sores, or active diabetes.

We require that a parent or legal guardian be present in the room at all times during the session.  The therapist will carefully explain to the child or adolescent, in terms they will comprehend, the process of massage therapy and what to expect.  It is not our policy to force anyone into a massage therapy session.

For younger children, we recommend a 30 minute session with increasing times as the child is older and depending upon the treatment needed.

Because we offer in-home massage therapy, the RMT Ottawa younger customers receive this service in the privacy of their own homes, reducing any gossip or bullying.

Pricing for Massage Therapy for children 

30 min


45 min


60 min


75 min


90 min


Mobile Massage Therapy for children – pricing 

60 min


90 min


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