Relaxation massage therapy

Relaxation massage therapy is a process from which probably everyone can benefit.  It is a hands-on treatment by a registered massage therapist that works the entire body using stroking and pressure to allow the individual to relax.  At RMT Ottawa, our mobile massage therapist staff is adept at performing this treatment.

Relaxation massage therapy

Finding the time and opportunity to relax can be a challenge for many people.  However, a regularly scheduled relaxation massage therapy session is the answer.  While it can seem like an indulgence, in actuality it is a necessary part of the 21st century with its daily contest to compete in the business world and find time for family and other activities.

The stress accumulated in the body is reflected in muscle pain, tension, headaches.  This can be compounded by hours spent in a single position over a computer keyboard or hours driving in heavy traffic.  Relaxation is the answer and massage is the way to get it.

A relaxation massage starts with the client lying down and taking a deep breath.  Then the therapist starts to work.  Relaxation therapy can be as light or deep as necessary to accommodate the particular customer and his or her needs.  By working through the tissues, the mobile massage therapist is able to help the individual relax mentally, physically and emotionally.  All of this can result in a number of benefits.

  • Less stress and tension – The physical act of massaging the muscles will relieve the anxiety that is reflected in the knots.
  • Nervous system – Steady breathing means all neurological systems are resting to calm the nerves.
  • Cramp and spasm relief – Those sudden, middle-of-the-night leg cramps can be reduced with the calming effect of regular relaxation massages.
  • Blood pressure – As tension builds during the day, blood pressure rises.  With relaxation massage, the body’s circulatory system is stimulated.  Combining that with relaxation will naturally lower blood pressure and reduce the necessity for medications.
  • Mobility – As muscles, ligaments and joints are released, a person will usually experience greater flexibility.
  • Increased immunity – When the blood flow is fully oxygenated and harmful toxins are released, they human body is better able to resist colds and other ailments.
  • Chronic issues – Regular relaxation massage shows an improvement in many chronic conditions like sciatica, arthritis, digestive issues, and others.
  • Attitude – When a person is relaxed and at ease, their overall viewpoint is improved.  They are better able to handle disruptions and are generally more cheery toward others.

Our mobile massage therapists are often asked how often they should receive massage therapy.  The answer varies with each person.  It will depend upon the degree of stress or other conditions.  Booking appointments on a regular basis is a good way to maintain a positive outlook and maintain your body to its best ability. 

Our schedulers will be happy to help you arrange the best times for treatment.  Using our mobile service means we come to you, leaving you more time for other pursuits.  We are happy to accommodate your timetable.

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